Weekly Roundup – Week Ending 2/18/17

It’s time for another weekly round-up of the good. Yes, he should not be named is still president. However, not everything went well on his side of the wall this week.
1.    Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Advisor when White House leaks revealed that he lied to the VP about pre-inauguration conversations with Russia.
2.   Andy Puzder withdrew his nomination as Labor Secretary after he admitted to hiring an undocumented worker and not paying taxes on her salary. It also became clear a dozen Republicans were threatening to break with party and reject his nomination, significantly more than the two that voted against Devos last week.
3.   Kellyann Conway was blacklisted from a number of mainstream news shows for her fake news and habitual lying.
4.   Extreme gerrymandering in Wisconsin to create a disproportionate balance of Republican districts was struck down by a Federal Court.
5.   Six staffers at the White House were fired and escorted out because they failed background checks.
6.   Under Armour CEO publicly backed away from his support of presidential positions and took out a full page ad in the Baltimore Sun praising immigrants for their contributions.
7.   Immigrants around the country caused the shut-down of businesses and supportive protests brought out thousands in “A Day without Immigrants.”

Don’t stop your calls, protests, emails, volunteer work, and donations. Try not to get discouraged in this barrage of horrors, and if you do, shake it off, and get back up.