Women Winning in Primaries!

While this may be another week where good news may be have been drowned out again, there are thousands of activists, elected officials, and everyday people, doing inspiring and positive things. Another round of primaries and elections brought some more good results. The recent wedding may have warmed your heart and so may the good news highlighted below;

  •  #BipartisanCanWork In the Senate, Democrats and some Republicans worked together to vote to reinstate the FCC net neutrality rules #SaveNetNeutrality and to block a new farm bill that that included provisions requiring stricter work requirements for food stamp recipients #NoChildHungry.
  • #MeToo Uber and Lyft have ended their use of mandatory arbitration to settle sexual harassment or assault claims, allowing victims to pursue public lawsuits.
  • #RedForEd More than 20,000 people showed up at the capitol to protest teaching conditions in North Carolina, forcing more than 40 school districts in the state to cancel classes, making it the sixth state to see recent teacher protest for education en masse, following  Arizona, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Colorado.
  • #BathroomsForAll Vermont Governor signed a law requiring single-occupancy restrooms be marked gender neutral.
  • #FairDistricts The Better Boundaries initiative in Utah collected enough signature to be on the November ballot to create a nonpartisan commission of experts to draw legislative and congressional maps with standards for drawing maps and rules to ensure the commission is independent.


  • In Nebraska’s congressional Democratic primaries, Jane Raybould won for U.S. Senate, and Jessica McClure and Kara Eastman for U.S. House Districts. Kara Eastman, a progressive abortion rights supporter was an upset that defied the wishes of the national party.
  • In Pennsylvania, 5 of the state’s 18 districts were won by women: Madeleine Dean, Mary Gay Scanlon, Susan Wild, Bibiana Boerio, and Susan Boser and two women ran uncontested districts. Susan Wild’s pro-choice victory won over the anti-choice candidate John Morganelli. Also in PA, four female candidates for State House races, Summer Lee, Sara Innamorato, Elizabeth Fiedler, and Kristin Seale who were also Democratic Socialists of America candidates won their primaries.
  • In Idaho, progressive candidate Native American Paulette Jordan won the Democratic nomination for governor of Idaho over A.J. Balukoff.
  • In Oregon’s Democratic gubernatorial primary race, incumbent Kate Brown won.
  • Democrats flipped a Pennsylvania House seat with Helen Tai winning the 178th District special election.
  • Alford (MA) elected Peggy Rae Hendon-Wilson, the first female to be elected to Alford’s Select Board.


  • Bill Blackburn ousted the pro-Trump incumbent Mayor in the rural Texas town of Kerrville by 24 percentage points, and two progressive city council members were also elected by similar margins.
  • Six of Seven LGBTQ Victory fund and Human Rights Campaign candidates won their primary races.

🧕🏻STANDING UP FOR IMMIGRANTS  The Gov. of Ohio signed an order creating the Office of Opportunities for New Americans to help legal immigrants find work, learn, and transition into life in Ohio. Hundreds rallied for immigration rights at the California Capitol as part of the 22nd annual Immigrant Day. Thousands of families were able to reunite for a few minutes at a “Hugs not Walls” event on the U.S.-Mexico border, where immigrants from the U.S. side meet  with family members from Mexico on the riverbed of the Rio Grande, with approval and oversight by the U.S. A group of immigrant advocates are walking the 90 miles from Detroit to Lansing to raise awareness of immigrant rights and deportations that are separating families. Continue reading


There are a lot more mothers home today to celebrate Mother’s Day with their children thanks to national activism to bail out moms and that is something to rejoice in. Along with lots of happy and free mothers it was not hard to find the good this week. A surprising number of states, both conservative and progressive stepped up to protect and help their people and the land that sustains them; Even a few members of Congress, whom you may not have expected, attempted to help immigrants.  Not to mention those fine people in West Virginia decided not to put a convicted criminal on the Republican ballot at the same time a lot of voters selected a number of women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups in primaries and local elections. Now moving on to the highlights;

  • #FairDistricts Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative to reform the state’s redistricting process, creating a mandate for bipartisanship in the mapping process and to prevent gerrymandering.
  • #NoChildBrides Delaware became the first U.S. state to completely ban child marriage when the governor signed a bill setting 18 as the minimum age for marriage.
  • #RedForEd Colorado’s first teachers’ strike in 24 years ended after five days with the Pueblo teachers winning a long-sought 2 percent pay hike.
  • #BailReform Georgia Gov. signed criminal justice legislation that reforms misdemeanor bail practices, including increased flexibility and transparency, provides judges with more opportunities to utilize community service and educational advancement as alternatives to fines or as part of probation, and signed a bill legalizing the use of medical marijuana for some conditions.
  • #ClimateChangeIsReal California became the first state to mandate home solar power use when the California Energy Commission passed rules requiring that most homes built after 2020 have solar panels.
  • #B99 The ground-breaking comedy show Brooklyn Nine Nine, whose main cast/ characters includes, two strong Latina actors, two commanding non-stereotyped African-American men, and one gay and one bisexual character, that addresses issues of discrimination in its own unique way was picked up by NBC after social media outcry when it was cancelled by Fox. Why is a TV show a highlight you ask? Well for one, it is a favorite show of mine, and second, TV serves as a great commentary on society and this tackled important ones in a special way.


  • Twenty-two democratic women candidates won their primary races in Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia, including three black women candidates in North Carolina. Avery Crump was the first woman elected Guilford County (NC) District Attorney. Lori Barnett Dodson was elected Garland (TX) first female mayor in 30 years.
  • A high heel wearing, gay, Latino, veteran, was elected mayor of Del Rio, a small Texas border town. 10 LGBTQ Ohioans won primary elections, as did LGBTQ allies Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton.
  • Jose Matthews is the first Latino elected to the Red Clay Consolidated School Board (DE). Two African Americans were elected as Sheriff and District Attorney in Mecklenburg Police Department for the first time. Euless (TX) elected the first minority ever to the Euless City Council, Salman Bhojani, a Muslim and a Pakistani immigrant. Andre Sayegh, was elected the first Arab-American mayor of Paterson.
  • Satana Deberry won the Democratic primary against the incumbent for Durham County District Attorney (NC), on a platform of significant and rapid criminal -justice reform, and is running unopposed in November.
  • We may see even more women win in the future now that the Federal Election Commission has approved a request by a female candidate to use campaign funds for childcare.

Continue reading


May Day celebrations nationwide brought together workers and immigrants, reminding us that we are all interconnected and that we rise and fall together.  Moms Demand Action groups are flooding state houses and meeting rooms. Teachers came out winners again, this time in Arizona. Primaries and elections are getting closer, so if you haven’t already, get your GOTV sneakers, postcards, and phone lists ready. The highlights and full summary of the inspiring news, actions, and accomplishments are;

  • #BlueWave2018 Democrat Javier Fernandez won a Florida’s special election for the 114th House district, a swing district in the Miami-Dade area, even though he was outspent, thanks to robust democratic GOTV efforts.
  • #DreamActNow Oregon Governor signed bills allowing the re-issuance of driver’s license to Dreamers and anyone under temporary protected status, even if the federal govt cancels the programs, and allowing students in the DACA program to qualify for in-state tuition.
  • #RedForEd Arizona public school teachers ended their walkout after winning a 20 percent raise, $100 million for support staff, including classroom aides and janitors, and new textbooks, upgraded technology and infrastructure.
  • #PayItForward The two black men whose arrest last month at a Starbucks led to headlines and allegations of racial bias settled with the city and the company for $1 each and an agreement with the city to work with the duo to fund a $200,000 grant to help Philadelphia high school students develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • #LoveIsLove An Illinois court ruled that the non-biological parent in a same-sex marriage has parental rights to the child born during the marriage through artificial insemination.

🧕🏻STANDING UP FOR IMMIGRANTS ARE CHURCHES, CHICAGO AND THE ACLU. Roman Catholic parishes in Texas are providing church-issued identification cards to undocumented immigrants and police officers in Dallas, Carrollton and Farmers Branch have officially been given the discretion to accept them as valid identification and; Chicago began issuing their city ID cards, which undocumented immigrants are eligible for. The ACLU of Colorado lawsuit against the El Paso County Sheriff for detaining suspected undocumented immigrants for ICE past when the law requires them to be released was granted class action status. There were lots of May Day rallies in support of immigrants and workers. Continue reading


We have James Shaw to prove that a good guy doesn’t need a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun; Teachers showing us that threats of firing and jailing can’t stop them from standing up for the rights of students to have a quality education and educators a living wage; Moms Demand Action groups going to NRA, A+ rated Republican held state houses demanding and getting gun reform passed; and Democratic candidates giving republicans a run for their money and winning seats all over the country. Yes, there are heroes. Who were your heroes this week?

This week’s HIGHLIGHTS of the inspiring news are;

  • #BlackLivesMatter The National Memorial for Peace and Justice commemorating 4,400 black people who were slain in lynchings and other racial killings between 1877 and 1950 opened in Alabama.
  • #MuellerTime The Senate Judiciary Committee approved legislation to protect special counsel Robert Mueller thanks to four Republicans voting for the bill.
  • #BlueWave2018 Democrats in New York held on to two State Senate seats and flipped a State house seat that had been held by republicans for more than thirty years, making it the 40th legislative flip since the inauguration.
  • #DreamActNow A third federal judge ordered the administration to continue DACA renewals, and is the first judge to also ordered the administration to accept new applications as well.
  • #ClimateChangeIsReal A federal appeals court ruled the administration cannot delay a regulation that increased automakers’ fines for cars that violate fuel efficiency standards.
  • #JamesShawIsMyHero Not only did James Shaw, an unarmed black man single-highhandedly stop a white man with an assault rifle from killing more black people, but he also helped raised over $165,000 for the victims and their families.

🧕🏻STANDING UP FOR IMMIGRANTS took place in New Mexico, New York, and Connecticut. Albuquerque’s Mayor signed the legislation that prevents immigration officers from using city facilities to detain or question people about their immigration status and prevents city officials from investigating a person’s immigration status. Connecticut passed a law allowing undocumented students without legal status to be eligible for institutional financial aid at state-run colleges. New York’s Gov. sent a cease-and-desist letter to ICE saying their actions in the state are “reckless and unconstitutional enforcement actions.” The ACLU launched a celebrity-filled campaign to help immigrants know their rights in interactions with federal agents, which feature the phone number for rapid response teams to flag immigration raids and help immigrants get legal representation.

Immigrants and their supporters organized a two-day “emancipation march” to the Minnesota State Capitol, protested outside a Dept. of Homeland Security office in Grand Rapids, and when ICE showed up at Staten Island Criminal Court to detain a defendant suspected of entering the country illegally lawyers there staged a protest outside the courthouse.

⚖️ECONOMIC JUSTICE is being fought for by Hundreds of teaching and research assistants at Columbia University who went on strike over the schools refusal to negotiate a contract. The #RedForEd movement in Arizona continued into the second day of state-wide walk out of teachers, with 50,000 protesters at the Arizona Capitol demanding increased education funding and promising to be back next week. Colorado teachers also took to the state house in their quest for better education money/pay. The Western Springs Village Board (IL) reversed its decision and will now opt-in to county regulations raising the minimum wage and requiring paid sick leave to private sector employees. FEMA extended the hotel stays of 1,700 families who evacuated Puerto Rico and relocated to mainland U.S. states after Hurricane Maria that were due to end.

👨🏿‍⚖️CRIMINAL JUSTICE reform was led by New York City this week when they began providing free daily buses for those seeking to visit an inmate at the city’s main jail, which had been difficult and time-consuming for most, in an effort to help inmates stay connected to family and reduce recidivism. NYC also announced the creation of a new bail payment system to reduce jail time by allowing bail to be posted online, by phone or by kiosk rather than the current costly and time-consuming trip to a correctional facility. Activists protested in Chicago for bail reform in response to a lawsuit against the Cook County Sheriff for holding a detainee for 60 hours after bail was posted. Roanoke Jail Solidarity is holding a benefit concert at Dumas Center to raise money to bail out mothers for Mother’s day. The ACLU filed a lawsuit against Joplin (MO) alleging the city’s new panhandling ban is unconstitutional. Corinth (MO) is seeking court approval of their settlement with the Southern Poverty Law Center, in which they agree to guarantee arrested individuals see a judge within 48 hours, to release most people without requiring bail, determine if people accused of violent offenses can afford bail, and offer installment plans or perform community service for those who can’t afford fines, instead of jail time.

🌎SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT Michael Bloomberg announced he will pay the $4.5 million to cover this year’s US commitment to the Paris climate agreement. New York City owned buildings will have to be completely powered by green energy by 2050 under a bill passed by the City Council. A Georgia County Superior Court Judge ordered the state Environmental Protection Division not to allow construction of a parking lot on top of a stream. Maryland ordered a hydropower facility to reduce nutrient pollution passing through the dam or pay $172 million a year for someone else to do it.

🌲OTHER COUNTRIES HELPING TO CARE FOR THE PLANET  The European Union is banning the world’s most widely used insecticides from all fields due to the serious danger they pose to bees. More than 40 companies, including Britain’s biggest supermarkets, Coca Cola, Nestle and Procter & Gamble promised to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic packaging in the UK by 2025. Sweden unveiled a new road that charges electric cars while they drive. The world’s first passive plastic collection device is going to be deployed in the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to address the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Even small steps help, Grand Designs Live Expo in London will not sell plastic bottles or straws and will use biodegradable cutlery.

👩#MeToo Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault against Andrea Constand, one of the many brave women who came forward to hold him accountable for his actions. The ACLU sued Chicago on behalf of a mother who was told to use the men’s restroom when she needed to use a breast pump while reporting for jury duty. Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-PA) announced he is resigning from Congress effective immediately rather than serve out the remainder of his last term and that he would reimburse the govt for the $39,000 that was paid to a former staffer he sexually harassed. The U.S. EEOC recommended the Michigan Dept. of Corrections improve its sexual harassment training after determining the state department violated a female employee’s civil rights.

🗽BECAUSE MONUMENTS AND NAMES MATTER to those that see them so check out two new murals one in Santa Cruz, “Unify, Decolonize, Thrive” mural and “Justice is Blind” mural now unveiled at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Alabama to reflect diversity and to balance two racist murals that it joins. A statue of the “Oh! Susanna” songwriter with a slave sitting at his feet was removed from a Pittsburgh park.The Austin City Council voted to take the names of Confederate leaders off two roads and rename them after Azie Taylor Morton, the first African-American U.S. treasurer, and William Holland, an African-American Texas state legislator. Boston is renaming Yawkey Way by Fenway Park because it is named for the Red Sox owner who resisted integration of the league. Millicent Fawcett’s statue was finally unveiled in London’s Parliament Square.

🕬  GUN CONTROL AND  ACTIVISM CONTINUES IN FULL SWING The Delaware legislature unanimously passed a “red flag” gun control bill allowing police to temporarily seize firearms from someone deemed a danger to themselves or others by mental health professionals and is awaiting the governor’s signature. Hawaii passed legislation banning bump stocks and the Governor announced he supports it.  While expected, it is nice to see it official that the Maryland Gov. signed the recently passed three new gun regulations into law. Kansas governor signs law limiting abusers access to guns. More than half a dozen governors announced plans to launch an multi-state consortium to study gun violence as a public health issue. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other tech giants are ditching their handgun emoji and using a water gun in its place.

🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ PROGRESS Hoboken (NJ) ordered all city-owned, single-occupancy restrooms to be gender neutral. A republican candidate for a Texas School Board who claimed that public school preschool programs would make children gay was defeated.

🤰🏽WOMEN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE A third federal judge has now blocked the administration’s early end of grants for some organizations participating in a federal teen pregnancy prevention program.

🕫🗳️VOTING MOBILIZATION AND VOTING RIGHTS A Texas judge dismissed a lawsuit by the GOP to remove more than 80 Democrats from the November general election ballot. Arizona Democrats blocked Republican concocted plans to keep McCain’s seat in republican hands for two years without an election. A federal judge ruled that Marion County Indiana must establish at least two early voting locations ahead of the November midterm elections in a case brought by Common Cause and the NAACP alleging unequal ballot access. A Colorado court blocked incumbent Rep. Doug Lamborn’s (R) from the ballot for signature collection irregularities.

💓STOPPING THE SPREAD OF HATE Syracuse University has permanently expelled a fraternity over a video that was “racist, homophobic, ableist, sexist and anti-semitic. About 60 out of the 200 or so Olympians are choosing not to attend the White House reception in their honor this year. The University of Virginia has banned Jason Kessler, the organizer behind the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, from all university property. NYC bars are a tough place to be for haters… a judge dismissed a lawsuit against one New York City bar for discrimination by a man who was thrown out for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat saying the law doesn’t protect against political discrimination and “supporting Trump is not religion;” and the infamous hater, Milo Yiannopoulos was run out of another bar, with chants of “Nazi scum get out!Richard Spencer has ended his cancelled his campus tours and dropped his lawsuit against the University of Cincinnati.

👩‍🎓BREAKING BARRIERS Paramount announced that S.J. Clarkson will be the first woman to direct a “Star Trek” film, Star Trek 4. This self-admitted Trekkie could not be happier. More female firsts include newly elected leader of Germany’s centre-left Social Democrats party, general secretary of the top U.S. board of the Assemblies of God, the director of the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, head of the USC medical school, head of Montana’s Forestry Division, and the Superintendent of the Smithville School District (TX). Two female South African environment activists who helped stop a secret $76 billion dollar nuclear power deal with Russia won the prestigious 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize.

🙂FOR YOUR INFORMATION Michael Cohen asserted his Fifth Amendment rights in the lawsuit against him by Stormy Daniels and the judge placed the case on hold finding that he was likely to face a criminal indictment as a result of the raid. A federal judge tossed out Paul Manafort’s lawsuit challenging the scope of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

🧟ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST The director of the Interior Department’s Bureau of Indian Affairs resigned after only six months on the job. Ronny Jackson withdrew as the nominee to lead the Department of Veterans affairs. Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) seat is now vacant. Two NY State Senate Republicans announced they are not running for reelection, giving democrats a chance to really control the State Senate.


Is your head spinning with memos, porn stars, playboy models, who represents who, defamation/libel/collusion/criminal cases, and slime-ball twitter wars? Then it is that time of the week where I try to help refocus you on real accomplishments as well as creative and inspiring actions and remind you of what the progressive movement is working towards. While I admit the drama is griping and fascinating, we have little control over the outcome (other then the call to take to the streets if the dreaded firing happens and to demand Congress protect the investigation).  On the other hand, activists, activist funded organizations, judges, and progressive elected officials, put into office by activists voters, accomplish a whole lot of good every day. The highlights since my 4 day break in the Vermont April snowfall are;

  • #StandUpforImmigrants The Supreme Court ruled an immigrant’s conviction on two burglary charges did not constitute a violent crime as the law was too vague as to the definition of a violent crime, and therefore he could not be deported for such a conviction; Justice Neil Gorsuch was the deciding vote WTF?.
  • #Vote New Jersey joined 11 other states with automatic voter registration when recently elected democratic Gov. Phil Murphy signed the bill into law. See what kind of crazy stuff happens when you elect democrats to govern your state.
  • #RespecttheLaw A federal appeals court upheld a nationwide injunction blocking the administration from withholding federal grant money to jurisdictions that refuse to allow federal immigration access to detention facilities and provide 48 hours notice before they release an undocumented immigrant wanted by ICE.
  • #TransRights A U.S. District Judge upheld the injunction stopping the ban on transgender members in the military and found that transgender people are a protected class of people because they have been subjected to systemic oppression and attempts to exclude them from the military will be looked at with “strict scrutiny.”

🧕🏻STANDING UP FOR IMMIGRANTS Albuquerque (N.M.) City Council passed a law barring federal immigration officials without a warrant from going into city-operated areas and prohibits city workers from taking information on people’s immigration status. The Colorado Supreme Court upheld a decision that requires the El Paso County Sheriff to release people who are wanted for possible deportation by federal authorities but have paid bond in a case brought by the ACLU. Award winning poet, high school student, and asylum seeker from Maine, Allan Monga, will be allowed to compete in a National Endowment for the Arts national poetry contest after a judge ruled he was eligible, overruling the NEA declaring him ineligible due to his immigration status. Alejandra Pablos, an immigrant rights activist, was released on bond after supporters raised the money needed. The New Jersey legislature passed a bill to extend in-state college financial aid to undocumented students and the Gov. indicated he supports the bill. Looking for even more justice, the Southern Poverty Law Center sued private prison company CoreCare Inc, which houses individuals detained by ICE, for forcing detainees to work for a $1 a day to clean, cook, and maintain the detention center and threatening those who refuse with solitary confinement and the loss of access to basic necessities.

⚖️ECONOMIC JUSTICE means that a pharmacy in West Virginia will pay a $550,000 settlement to resolve a lawsuit brought by the state accusing it of negligence in dispensing nearly 10 million doses of painkillers in 11 years to a county of fewer than 25,000 people; T-Mobile will pay $40 million to settle a complaint with the FCC for failing to fix problems with calls to rural consumers and for providing misleading information about the fix; and Wells Fargo was fined $1 billion by two federal regulators for abuses tied to its mortgage/auto lending businesses.

TEACHERS ARE STILL ROCKING THE STATE HOUSES AND DEMANDING A LIVING WAGE. Hundreds of Colorado teachers forced school closings as they staged a protest at the state Capitol, and in their districts, to demand changes in school funding, higher teacher pay, and a stronger retirement fund. Teachers at about 1,000 Arizona schools held “walk-ins” to demand higher salaries and more school funding as part of the #RedforEd campaign, organized by Arizona Educators United, and Arizona educators and school employees voted in support of a walkout for next week. The Georgia Board of Regents voted not to increase tuition for this year at all public colleges and universities. The New Jersey legislature passed a paid Sick Leave Act requiring businesses to provide paid sick leave, and the governor pledged to sign it. Iowa enacted a law prohibiting school lunch shaming of children who don’t have money to pay for lunches.

5,000 Graduate students working as teaching and research assistants at Harvard University voted to form a union. Not only did grad students organize, but so did JetBlue Flight Attendants, the staff at the New Republic, and nurses at Albany Medical Center (NY). And making sure a union is worth something in New York should the Supreme Court decide in a pending case to weaken them nationally, he signed a law to protects union membership.

A few interesting things out of Kentucky, that bastion of liberal activism, Morehouse State University rescinded its decision to take away unused sick days when calculating pension benefits for retiring staff and froze tuition for next year, and the Attorney General Andy filed a lawsuit against an opioid pharmaceutical maker for contributing to an illicit drug market in the product. Continue reading


It’s been a big week for departures in this episode of Survivor White House Edition (and it’s only Thursday). I wish I had a video to share with you of the celebratory dance I launched into, after the too scared to face the vote so I will just quit Ryan announcement, but the camera crew just wasn’t fast enough. I was told it was fun to watch. With so much exciting news to cover, as one of my favorite TV hosts says, “Let’s get to today’s…” best of the earlier than usual roundup of the good news for resistors.

  • Not wanting to face his re-election tribal council without a coveted immunity necklace, Paul Ryan snuffed out his own torch. But Ryan wasn’t alone, he was joined by fellow red tribe member Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL). I’m upgrading my #BlueWave2018 to #BlueTsunami2018 (as long as we register to vote and head to the polls in November, dragging everyone we know with us).
  • Lucky for us, this was a double elimination week, as the White House also lost multiple contestants after injuring themselves in a challenge by tying themselves to McMaster, and were carted out of the game, including, National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton, top homeland security aide, Tom Bossert, Nadia Schadlow, the US deputy national security adviser for strategy, and Ricky Waddell, the No. 2 official on the National Security Council.#Chaos
  • Working to make sure everyone is playing fair, the FBI raided the offices and hotel room of Michael Cohen, the liar-in-chief’s lawyer, with a warrant for what news reports are saying have to do with a porn star, some possibly illegal payments, NYC taxi medallions, and more. #FBIRaid
  • Oklahoma teachers called off the 9 day walkout after they secured historic gains in education funding and raises for teachers and staff while vowing to seek even more gains through the power of voting. #TeachersRock  

🧕🏻STANDING UP FOR IMMIGRANTS: Taking the opposite approach of red tribe governors hoping to avoid elimination, the blue tribe Virginia Gov. vetoed a bill prohibiting localities from becoming sanctuary cities. The Southern Poverty Law Center has sued the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security for blocking immigrants held in extremely isolated civil immigration prisons from their ability to access lawyers claiming the constitution is still the rule in this game; and the ACLU sued them alleging immigration officials are detaining noncitizen spouses while they are at immigration offices completing the process for seeking lawful immigration status in violation of the rules.

📰REAL NEWS IS KING IN THIS GAME so for those looking for information to sway your fellow tribe mates to vote your way, you can check out the newly released searchable database tool from the Americans for Tax Fairness on how much the big corporations won from the tax scam challenge and how little they shared it with the losing little people. And information on CEO pay to employee pay ratios can now be found thanks to SEC rules to help you in your quest to distribute tribe resources more fairly if you check out this article in Bloomberg News.

👛WORKING TOWARDS ECONOMIC EQUALITY the Absolutely incredible teachers in Oklahoma took on the challenge to march 110 miles to the State capital to protest education cuts and teacher pay and when they arrived they encountered support from Teamsters who stood with them by refusing to cross the picket line to work on renovations there. California Atty. Gen. announced the state is part of a coalition of 16 attorneys general who have filed a motion to intervene in the lawsuit filed by Texas and other red states seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act to argue the Texas challenge is unconstitutional. Continue reading


Teachers continue striking and marching on the capitals in Oklahoma and Kentucky, states are taking action on gun control, Sinclair media got caught forcing their “fake news” promos on networks, and we learned that Americans protested in unprecedented numbers in the last year.  There are also many state legislatures in session and therefore a lot of great action taking place at state levels that I could not possibly cover all of it in this blog, so I encourage you to check out what is going on in your state. Those of you from New York may notice I have not included the merging of the Independent Democratic Committee (“IDC”) back into the Democratic caucus, as a positive thing, I feel very mixed about this and I’m not calling it a real win, I leave it to you to decide for yourself. With all that being said, my highlights for this week are;

  • #TeacherWalkout Thousands of teachers marched on state capitals in Oklahoma and Kentucky, closing down schools, and demanding pay increases and better funding for schools. Teachers in Oklahoma said the legislation raising average salaries by about $6,100 a year is insufficient to bring them on par with teachers in other states and are striking for a more livable wage.
  • #BlueWave2018 Judge Rebecca Dallet, a liberal-aligned and democratic party backed candidate, won election to the Wisconsin state Supreme Court, the first time a liberal candidate has been elected to a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court since 1995. Voters in the state also soundly rejected a proposal to eliminate the state treasurer.
  • #LoveTrumpsBadParenting One Maryland House member helped to pass a bill prohibiting “gay conversion therapy” on minors, like the one she was threatened with as a child by her Maryland State Senator father, who voted against the ban; the governor has expressed support for the legislation.
  • #FairElections A U.S. District Judge ruled that Texas was in violation of the National Voter Registration Act which requires states to give residents the opportunity to register to vote when they apply for or renew their driver’s licenses.
  • #LoveisLove Costa Rica elected Carlos Alvarado Quesada for President, who campaigned on a liberal, pro-gay marriage platform and Epsy Campbell Barr for Vice President the first woman of African descent to be elected vice president not just in Costa Rica, but anywhere in North or South America.

IN OTHER ELECTION WINS Sandra Cano (D) won a special election for the Rhode Island senate and Sydney Kamlager (D) won a special election for a seat in the California Assembly, maintaining those seats in democratic control.

🧕🏻STANDING UP FOR IMMIGRANTS are jurors, San Gabriel, and Washington State. The San Gabriel City Council voted to approve a “safe cities” resolution affirming the city’s commitment to its immigrant population. A jury awarded nearly $17 million to a former Ford engineer who sued the automaker for discrimination after supervisors repeatedly harassed him over his Middle Eastern background and accent. On a related note, Washington state will now officially observe March 31 as Cesar Chavez Day. Continue reading