Weekly Roundup – Week Ending (3/4/17)

Welcome back to this week’s edition of What Went Right.  I may have missed some things while I was spending a few days in the land of healthcare for all, Canada, so feel free to chime in with your additions.
1. The Speaker of the Arizona House said he won’t hear a bill passed by the Senate last week that makes participating in, or helping organize a protest, that turns into a riot, an offense that could lead to criminal racketeering charges. The move was prompted by protests and criticism that the legislation sought to limit First Amendment rights. Reported by FOX news so we know it’s not FAKE
2. Three special election races took place in CT. Democrats Borer won the State House and McCroy the State Senate (both replacing Democrats). In the 3rd race, even though the Republican candidate defeated Democrat Cava for State Senate, I call this a positive. Why? Because republicans have held the seat for a century, but Cava received the highest percentage of votes of any Democrat in decades, losing by only 10 percent, and turnout was much higher than anticipated, some towns ran out of ballots and had to tabulate by hand.
3. The Supreme Court remanded a case back to a lower court to reexamine the redistricting efforts of Virginia’s Republican-led legislature for signs of racial bias and whether some legislative districts were gerrymandered to dilute the impact of African American voters after Democrats challenged the redistricting,
4. The centuries old Harvard Law Review elected its first ever black woman as President.
5. A long list of law professors filed an ethics complaint with the DC Bar against Kellyann Conway for violations based on her misrepresentation of facts etc (but not for sitting in the Oval Office couch with her feet on the couch, her shoes off, and her legs spread in a very unprofessional manner while hosting presidents of HBCU.
6. Some may question my inclusion of this on the political list, but you will just have to humor me. Waking up to find Moonlight (a low budget movie about the coming of age of a young gay black man living in a tough Miami neighborhood) had really won over the favorite to win La La Land (a big hollywood production about a love story/struggle between two privileged white people in Hollywood) after I saw the award go to La La Land (at which I time I promptly turned off the TV), is the stuff of my dreams every day.
7. The landlord for Marco Rubio’s Tampa Bay Office notified him that it will not renew his lease because the weekly protests are too disruptive to the other tenants and are costly for the company. This makes me want to protest every single day.
8. Six of the 12 sponsors of Celebrity Apprentice pulled their endorsements for next season, as did Arnold Schwarzenegger, boycotts are working!
I hope you feel inspired by this list to keep on fighting and protesting until all the healthcare, environment, civil rights, economic justice, and ethics hating politicians are run out out of office.