100 DAYS OF AWESOME ACTIVISM (Weekly Roundup 4/22/17)


We have made it to 100 days without giving up, be proud of yourselves. Before I get to my list of what went right this week, let me say that Daily Kos did a wonderfully inspiring post of our accomplishments for the past 100 days, read it here!

  1. Bill O’Reilly out! Now who will give the trumpettes all their news? Chaffetz not running for re-election!!!!  Sorry Utah he’s all yours now. And the racial and sexist slur spouting Florida State Senator Frank Artiles resigned from the legislature after getting caught releasing a diatribe of insults against two lawmakers, so now we have another seat up for grabs for you dems in Florida looking for something to do.
  2. Another mega millionaire couldn’t buy his way into a position in the administration because of conflicts of interest. Ricketts, who donated a million dollars to Trump’s campaign, withdrew his nomination as deputy commerce secretary, because he couldn’t untangle his finances to the satisfaction of the Office of Government Ethics.
  3. Woman Power! Kathrine Switzer, who was a 20-year-old college student when she made history in 1967 by becoming the first woman to both officially enter and finish, the Boston Marathon even after officials tried to tackle her and rip off her number, crossed the Boston Marathon finish line again 50 years later.  Jeanette Vizguerra, an undocumented mother of four who has been living in a Denver church to avoid deportation and separation form her citizen children since February, was named one of 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine, along with the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington, Samantha Bee, and many more.
  4. Democrat Jackie Smith pulled an upset in a largely republican area of Virginia and won for Prince William County Clerk even though her opponent out spent her by 7:1. I may sound like a broken record by now, but change starts at the local level. Tony Evers won the election for Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction, running as a pro-public education candidate against his opponent who ran as a pro-DeVos/voucher candidate.
  5. Two republicans in Colorado joined with democrats to defeat a bill that would have allowed businesses to deny services to customers based on personal beliefs. What were those other republicans smoking when they proposed it?
  6. The Supreme Court ruled that states have to give back criminal fines when people are exonerated and they can’t require them to prove their innocence again in civil court for criminal penalties to be returned. A federal judge ordered the Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to turn over a copy of a proposal he was photographed taking into a meeting with Trump before the inauguration to the ACLU. A photographer captured a partial view of the document, containing Trump’s immigration plan but also revealed the documents included a reference to voter rolls. The ACLU sought the documents as part of a lawsuit against a Kansas Voter-ID law.
  7. American Oversight, a group formed by liberal lawyers has filed two lawsuits. They sued the Justice Dept. and FBI over their refusal to comply with their freedom of information request seeking information regarding the allegation of wiretapping of Trump Tower by President Obama, alleging they are not classified as they have been referred to in public tweets and by Comey at public hearings. They also demanded records regarding Russian interference in the presidential campaign.  The SPLC sued Andrew Anglin, the man who runs the Daily Stormer, a well-known neo-Nazi website, on behalf of a Jewish family in Montana for harassment by inciting a “troll storm” against them and putting their lives at risk.
  8. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sued Ocwen Financial Corporation, one of the nation’s largest non-bank mortgage servicing companies, alleging that company mismanagement that lead to improper foreclosures and other serious problems for homeowners related to their mortgage services and the Treasury Dept. denied Exxon Mobil’s request to bypass U.S. sanctions against Russia to resume drilling for oil in a joint venture in Russia.
  9. The twittler-in-chief told the AP news in an interview, that “dreamers” should not be worried about deportation.
  10. Those of us who know better, continue to save this planet. Since the implementation of a plastic bag fee of 7 cents, plastic grocery bag usage is down 42% in Chicago. On April 21st the U.K. had its first full day without burning coal to make electricity since the Industrial Revolution in the 1880’s. Hundreds of thousands turned out around the country to stand up for science and the planet at the March for Science, with some of the most intelligent and inspiring signs.

My plugs for the week are that the organization Sister District has announced their partner districts so sign up now to volunteer to flip your nearest red district blue, and Run for Something is looking for volunteers to research school board elections across the country, it only takes an hour or two of your time and can be done without even leaving your couch. Come back soon for more updates on resistance resources.


  1. victorynowblog

    Hi! I met your mom today at The Dexter Parsonage Museum in Montgomery, AL when I led her & her friend on a tour through the Parsonage. They are lovely, beautiful women & brightened my day emencely. I have volunteered at The Parsonage since my family & I moved to the area last summer. Being a part of Dr.MLKjr’s legacy has kept me sane during this tumultuous time in the U.S. & certainly in this most conservative (bright) RED state. It’s people like your mom & her friend, who express gratitude for the importance of being vocal, that make my time at The Dexter Parsonage Museum feel priceless. Soon my family & I will move elswhere with my husband’s job. I will miss the inspirational moments (like I had today) that allow me to be a part of someone else’s journey in such a positive & profound way. Your mom proudly shared your blog with me & I can see why. What you’re doing is absolutely beneficial & so relevant!!! Kudos to you. Thanks to you. Bravo to you. We need light & positivity to keep us moving in the right direction. Thank you! Thank you!