If you have been reading my blog regularly, then you know that for the past year and half I been posting a long list of inspiring actions, accomplishments, and news for those seeking to bring about progressive change every week.  With the devastating losses and infliction of cruelty we witnessed this week I felt that a list of what other random people did was not what this blog should be about this week. These are not normal times anymore and the time for real action is now.

So this week, instead of telling you what others did I am going to ask you to engage with me and help me. Share with me in the comments what you did this week to help bring about change or what healthy actions you took to comfort those around you, besides helping them look into the empty bottom of a bottle of wine.

If you were too heartbroken or discouraged this week to do anything, then reading this blog is your first step to shaking off the despair.  Now think about what you can do and tell me what you commit to doing this week or this month because inaction is no longer an option. I really hope my blog is about inspiring you to action and that this week you have something to offer back as inspiration.

I will get the ball rolling and hope that you will follow with your own comments.  We need to be here for each other. My list of recent actions are;

  • I went to the ACLU Emergency #NoMuslimBan rally in NYC after the travel ban was upheld.
  • I partnered with colleagues at work during our lunch hour to decorate and write 10 postcards to voters for a special election in Ohio with the app Postcards To Voters #BlueWave2018 and provided all the supplies we needed.postcard-mail.jpg
  • I attended one of the #EndFamilySeparation rallies and marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in a heat wave.family sep march
  • I stayed committed to the boycott of those who fund hate and republicans by not doing business with any of those on the #GrabYourWallet list.
  • I donated to groups helping immigrants at the border.
  • I helped a friend register to #vote in Pennsylvania (Virginia taught us that one lone vote can change an election).
  • I showed my support for #LGBTQ friends and family by cheering on the NYC Pride March.

I am committed to doing more in July and for starters I am promising to myself that;

  • I will host an afternoon postcard writing/phonebank through my Sister District chapter for our PA candidates that I have already committed to.
  • I will write and send 100 postcards with postcards to voters.
  • I will participate in at least one more phonebank or canvass for a progressive candidate.
  • I will make five calls a week to congressional members or federal agencies to express my views from the action alert texts I receive from the ACLU, Stand Up America, Daily Action, NAACP, and others. Consider signing up for one or more if you need the occasional nudge to remember to make calls.
  • I will consider suggestions and requests from friends and family to participate in other actions with them when they need me.




  1. Shakta Khalsa

    I committed to a monthly donation to ACLU, IRC (International Refugee Committee) and Raices. I have scheduled two postcard parties a week, as I have been doing for about 9 months. We are focused on our VA Nov 6 elections and will be writing for VA and other states to get out the vote. I talked to people about the children being separated from their parents…planting seeds for activism. I appreciate your blog!

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  2. George

    I sent text message to my Representatives and Senators reminding them that constituents are watching how they act on immigration, health care, and in the appointment of justices and Executive Branch Department officials. Mostly, to remind them that the electorate is informed, watching, and not afraid to vote.

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  3. Danielle

    1. I marched on Saturday.
    2. I mailed out postcards for OH’s upcoming special election and continue to write more each day.
    3. I’ve been contacting my Senators just about daily.
    4. I’ve donated to ACLU & Together Rising.
    5. I’m trying to take care of myself so I don’t fall into despair and paralysis (BUT IT’S HARD).

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  4. Dawn

    I went to an #Endfamilyseparation rally. I went to the Big Pride in Little d rally. I went to a town hall for our US Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke. I donated money to Beto’s campaign. I participated in the weekly protest at my House Rep. Michael Burgess’ office and I filled out a form asking how he can support family separation and asking for a reply.
    This month, I will continue to attend the weekly protest at Rep. Burgess’ office. I am going to be writing postcards to voters for Beto O’Rourke and Linsey Fegan. I am walking in the 4th of July parade with my local Indivisible chapter and our theme is unity.

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  5. Sheryl H

    I cheered on the LGBTQ marchers at the Pride Parade, I contributed to Planned Parenthood, and to an Immigration Group. I emailed friends to remind them its going to take time and keep on resisting and persisting. I shared the article a friend sent — Authoritarianism Thrives on Demoralization. AND I VOTED

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  6. Diana

    I made several donations to RAICES and The Florence Project. I told others about them. I shared relevant links to friends who live in cities closer to the border/detention centers that can act more directly, like to the Young Center. I attended the rally on Saturday despite the soaring temperatures. I stayed positive (but not invalidating) in my social messages. The rallies I think are really key because it helps to hear and see from the people who are most directly affected, to remember why we can’t quit. And to see how many other people are still resisting and feed off that energy. And lastly I remembered waking up on the morning of January 21st, 2017 to see people marching all over the world in solidarity with us, knowing we’re not alone and that there are billions of people who support us.

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  7. Dorothy Carey

    I’ve donated to 4 groups who are helping immigrants. And since I couldn’t attend yesterday’s rally/march, since I had hip replacementvsurgery 4 weeks ago, I baked 3 dozen muffins, and gave them to people gathering for the march.

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  8. Siobhan

    I went to a rally for #keepfamiliestogether
    As well as us updating my anti trump Instagram account bklyngirl1770 to educate the masses through memes.

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  9. Larry Person

    Tuesday: no muslim ban rally at Foley Square.

    Saturday: families belong together rally at Foley Square.

    All week and next week: working on an open-source application that will be used to reach millions of voters in 2018 and rally people to oppose any Supreme Court appointee from this president.

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  10. Martha

    Continuing my monthly contribution to Planned Parenthood

    Writing my Congress members 2-3 times daily and calling with targeted messages daily

    Beginning a targeted postcard campaign. Bought 100 stamps and postcards.

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  11. Ellin Barret

    Sent money to K.I.N.D and RAICES. Sent $ to Beto and others in swing states. Went to keep families together rally & cheered a PRIDE march. Shared a link to local agency looking for hosts for foster kids. Emailed legislators (all Dems) to encourage them.

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  12. Suzanne long

    Attended two day workshop on racism and white fragility. Attended huddle with others to plan postcard writing .attended hearings for pipeline to support the resistance, Attended panel of immigration lawyers and human rights groups on the recent immigration terrorism, Study affordable housing issue for mn. Spoke up for union members after Janus decision


    • Puss.E.Grabbacks

      Being educated about the law and issues is an important step in helping others and understanding what kind of change is needed. There are so many paths to helping make our world a better place. Thank you for choosing yours

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  13. Jessica Marsten

    Sent money to RAICES and a care package of infant and child meds, socks and underwear to Catholic Charities in McAllen, Texas. Emailed, called, and messaged my reps about those things that concern me (yes, it’s important to be encouraging, and let them know what you think, even when all your Reps are Democrats, and good ones), and continued to share good news in the midst of the awfulness, and counseled several friends who were despairing on self care and how to stick with the fight long term.

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